Medicare Insurance

Medicare Advantage in The Villages, Leesburg, Ocala, and all the Surrounding Areas

Monday, October 29th, 2018

Are you concerned about your and your loved ones’ health conditions? Do you want to give them the maximum protection against all kinds of medical problems? Then, sometimes simple health insurance is not enough. You need extra coverage, especially for certain aspects which are not covered by the health insurance coverage like vision, dental, or hearing issues. That is why you should resort to the Medicare Advantage plan. We, at Mid-Florida Agencies, can provide you with several kinds of additional health insurance coverage such as Dental, Travel, Medigap, and Medicare along with the basic health insurance policies. Our Medicare Advantage includes PPOs and HMOs. So, you can either explore from a wide range of hospitals and medical professional networks or choose the go with the few referred doctors. The choice will be yours. For further options or assistance in areas like Eustis, Leesburg, Mount Dora, Ocala, Tavares FL, or The Villages, you must resort to us without any hesitation. 

Medicare Advantage in The Villages, Leesburg, Ocala

Here, we have put together a few things to check in your Medicare plan. Take a look. 

  1. Coverage for HMO and PPO 

While PPO holders can see any doctor or medical provider which accepts the Medicare, the HMO plans offer a network of approved hospitals, doctors, or healthcare professionals. So, you should check that the Medicare Advantage plan you are considering comprises both these options. 

  1. Prescription Drugs Included 

Next, you must make sure whether you Medicare Advantage includes prescription drugs or not because honestly, you will need this kind of a coverage more than the others. So, check if this aspect is covered or not. 

  1. Supplemental Coverage 

Last but not the least, you might want other supplemental coverage in this plan too. This kind of comprehensive insurance coverage is desired especially when it comes to your health. So, checking this is also essential. 

And if you are keen on our Medicare Advantage plans, quickly contact us now.

Planning For Medicare Insurance in Eustis and The Villages

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

If you’re searching for the best Medicare plan in Eustis or The Villages, you’ve come to the right place. Medicare is a health care system targeted at senior citizens and administered federally to provide health insurance to people aged 65 or more.

There are several types of Medicare plans to choose from, each having different coverage choices. So, do you know what you want to get with your Medicare plans?

  • I only want Original Medicare

This includes two types of insurance, hospital care and medical insurance. The coverage is provided by Medicare and covers medical resources that accept Medicare insurance policies (doctors, hospitals, clinics). With Original Medicare plans you pay for your co-insurance and for deductibles.

  • I need Medicare Advantage

Advantage insurance requires paying a monthly premium, but in exchange you get access to both medical and hospital insurance. However, you will have to use plan doctors, hospitals, and clinics, or you risk paying more.

  • I also need coverage for my prescription drugs

This is available for both Original and Advantage Medicare plans. With Original Medicare plans you will have to pay a monthly premium, while Advantage Medicare plans usually provide coverage for prescription drugs by default.

  • I would like supplemental coverage included in my Medicare insurance

Only those who have Original Medicare can benefit from this option, known as Medicare Supplement Insurance policy, or Medigap.

Whether you choose to go Original or to go Advantage, all Medicare plans are offered by private insurance companies that have contracts with Medicare. There are different Medicare coverage options with each plan and you can benefit from them if you meet certain criteria. For example, one condition to join Medicare Advantage is to not be suffering from End-Stage Renal Disease.

For more information on Medicare plans in your area please contact a Medicare representative.